TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TKM Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest ways of healing, and beginnings dates back more than 4000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine define illness as imbalance between to sides of unity, which they call Yin that stands for feminine (woman) principle and Yang whis stands for masculine (man) principle. Black and White in very…

Biotherapy Bio-energy Healing in Revive Temple Bled


BioTherapy, which is short for Bioenergy Therapy, which is healing with use of bioenergy.  The method of Bioenergy healing is very old (over 5000 years) and has been used in practically all continents, by all societies and nations.  What used to be limited knowledge to witch doctors or shamans among all tribes, is now days a very useful knowledge that can be acquired through seminars and build to a level, where healing is very effective, with continuous practice and spiritual growth.  There are many names that are used for Bio-energy, like chi, qi, prana, bioplasma, life force, and others among different languages, but they all general describe same bio-energy.  Bioenergy is present in all living beings, it’s all around us and its coming from universe, earth, from one physical body to another, from plants and other energy sources.  Every human being, as well as animals is wrapped with this cloud of energy that we call aura.  There are many different layers of aura or energy that surround our bodies, each with slightly different frequency and connection to different level of conscious. Just as our body consist of Aura, same principles holds for our main internal organs which all carry individual aura.  Most commonly known system, describe this energy vertices as chakras.  We have 7 chakras each representing different part of body and different aspect of spiritual being.