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Join us to this unique and most intense healing program on the market.  You will get to experience our own Z4H Protocol, first hand and experience for you self why is  most effective program there is.  Your body and mind will go through amazing transformation in one week.  With our rigorous daily regime and support from the group and leader, you will be able to start reversing your illness very quickly.  It will take an effort on your part, but we will be there for you, to guide you through.  Our healing clinic is a beautiful setting in magical Bled of Slovenia, where you’ll be in contact with nature.  Our nutrition program will fill your body with nutrients, so you will regain strength within few days.  Physical and mental exercises will get your body start recoveringCold exposure will reboot your immune system, and Bioenergy healing will get your body into intense healing.

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Unique chance

to experience Z4H protocol first hand and be guided by it’s founder Denis Zvegelj, who spent more than 20 years to develop most powerful method to recover the body from extreme fatigue, heavy injury, or severe illness.  As you probably read, the Z4H protocol it self is quite simple, but relatively intense and precise.  That’s why you get to be guided personally, and be supported through your transformation from experienced healer.

This amazing protocol

is combination of several very successful methods of healing and well-being, and adapted so it has maximum effect on healing, especially for cancer patients.   It is spread out through entire day, for seven days, so you will not have much free time, to wonder around Bled, but on a positive side, all focus will go to your healing process.  You will be guided through every single step, and be supervised, but at the same time, we will teach you entire protocol, so when you get back home you can continue with your regime, until your body is fully healed.

Z4 Protocol specifics

Z4H Protocol is a 4-pillar based multilevel program which is in the form of quite intense daily regime.  It is now physically hard or too demanding, but it’s a mental dedication of taking precise steps, as being planned.  1st pillar is healthy vegan live nutrition which is originally based of famous dr. Max Gerson Therapy, and adopted to this age and our protocol needs.  Nutrition is mostly in the form of freshly squeezed organic juices, and some light breakfast and lunch added on top.  This part is key for body to regain strength, stopping inflammation, and cleansing and detoxing your body.  It has more shooting effects, but main for us is ability for body to “start working” (unburden internal organs) and start circulation.

2nd pillar are physical and mental exercises, which are in the form of stretching our body and mind.  It’s purpose is to physically “shake-up” the body, add flexibility and physically increase circulation.  Physical exercises are performed in the morning and evening before bed, in yoga like style and one more intense session before lunch time which is normally outside, and is adopted individually.  We call it “hour of power“, and it usually includes some jogging, some gymnastics, and some “power reps”, so that your heart starts pumping and lungs gets re-ventilated entirely.  Mental exercises are two parts: breathing and  mentalization.  Mentalizations are normally succeeding physical exercises, to enhance physical work.  There are also minimum 3 breathing sessions daily (15-25min), at own time spots.  This “mental” part is key to reconnect with your own body, and prepare it for internal shift, and be ready for 4th pillar of Bioenergy healing.

3rd pillar is the spooky one ? for some.  It’s like Monday morning wake-up and go to work.  It is cold exposure starting on day one with short cold showers, and building up to a full icy water swim on day 6.  This is as Revive as it can gets.  Lots of you will resist, at least mentally, but when you start seeing benefits as early and 1st morning after arrival, you will appreciate it, in fact at least every third of our attendees falls in love with cold.  Day 6 is big transformation day, in big part because of this cold water swim. We have a very fresh stream, with water as pure as it gets (drinkable), relatively strong current, and beautiful surroundings, with sun showing up in the morning. You will be amazed how suddenly all your thoughts will be flushed away, there will be nothing there but freshness, sound of your heart and experience of every breath.  Cold exposure’s Incredible positive effect on the immune system has now been scientifically proven by the legendary dutch Wim Hof aka Iceman.

4th pillar is BioEnergy healing therapy, which on it’s own healed thousands of people, from irreversible diseases.  We use Zdenko Domančić method of Bionergy therapy, which is at least regionally by far the most popular and powerful method of energetic healing.  Stories of “miracles” with Zdenko Domancic healing dating back to 1980s, from his birth place of Croatia’s island of Ugljan, are almost biblical. Well documented in books and videos, have been inspiring patients all over the world to travel, to his clinic here in Bled, or to come and learn the method.  In fact lots of our attendees, or rather their loved ones decide to return and sign up for level one course, to learn this method, so they can help their loved ones back home.  Bioenergy therapy has 4 sessions in 4 days, and it starts on day 2.  Z4 Protocol is also a great preparation for this therapy as it really opens your body-mind, to be able to receive full benefit of Bioenergy.  We are energetic beings, and Bioenergy can reverse damaging processes in our bodies very quickly.  All illness also starts on energetic level, and until body’s Aura (electro-magnetic envelope) is in balance is nearly impossible for body to start recovering.  Since this method can only be applied to heal others not yourself, we teach you some extra steps, how can you balance your Aura, once you are back home.

Systematic approach

You will be asked to make a blood/urine laboratory test before starting (can be done at home, or here on day of arrival), and another one before your departure.  Sometimes we agree with attendees to do more test in the form of ultrasound, MRI or others, to be able to identify progress, and initial status.

What it is included and what not

Those 2 lab tests or any extra ones are not included in price, neither is transfer from the airport to the center.  The price you pay does include your stay, full nutrition program, all protocol assistance, guiding, lectures, individual consultation after sign-up, and on arrival, individual session to overcome mental obstacles of healing process, Q&A sessions and group support how-to lecture.  Bioenergy healing therapy  performed by one of our healers (4 day session) is based on voluntary donations, and thus can not be included in total price.  There is also extra Tourist Tax of €3.13/adult/day, which is charged at the end of stay separately.

Price is based on stay in one 2 person unit.  If you don’t like to share apartment with another patient we charge €234 extra.


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