Why LIVE Experience?

Today’s information age is quickly transforming to experience age.  There is tons of knowledge out there, and tons of free knowledge.  Yet most of population still struggles with illnesses, psychological issues, and other daily life troubles.  We believe in LIVING, and not only barely staying alive, but LIVE to the fullest.  Hold on to your life and let it bring you full joy.  That’s why core of our business, and activities are live experiences with you.  Be that through Z4 Programs in Bled, Seminars, Learning excursions, or Retreats in exotic locations.

Our goal

is to offer you minimum theory and maximum practice, and work with each other or individually under supervision.  The most efficient way to learn is through experience and live practice.

What to expect from LIVE program:

Our LIVE workshops are fun, relaxed, yet intense on normally multiple levels.  Thus you learn in parallel on Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Interactive  level.  You will go home different person.  We call it better version of your self.

Popularity of Programs

  • Z4H Healing Programs
  • Z4L Couple Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Learning Excursions

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EMF Radiation damaging our bodies

Society is slowly getting aware of exponential growth in electromagnetic radiation, that is surrounding us, and it’s negative effects it has on our bodies.  Technical radiation (meaning all sorts of radiation caused by man) has exploded in last 20 years.  With invention of wireless technologies, nearly all communication is done and transferred over the air. …


Top 3 Things everyone can do stay healthy Lecture

Nowadays is lots of different methods, marketed to promote health and prevent disease, as well as how to recover from illnesses.  Here of course we focus on natural methods.  One of the most prominent natural methods of healing and staying healthy and vibrant is Gerson therapy.  Dr. Max Gerson was developing his therapy starting form…


Science behind Organic Juicing

Juicing has gained large popularity in last 15 years.  Nowadays is loosing it a bit to blending, as blending is a bit faster, and easier, and no waste being left over.  Many studies between juicing and blending benefits, around the internet also contradict each other, so consumer is left to the mercy of a sales…



We perform remote healing with Bioenergy Therapy method. We use biotherapy according to Zdenko Domancic method of Bioenergy Healing. It’s done with the help of the photograph. The patient is aware of therapy and is resting while therapy lasts.  Remote healing session normally lasts from 8-24min depends on the patient and severity of the medical…


Z4 Protocol

WHAT is Z4H, Z4L or just Z4 protocol so many people are talking about? Z4 or most frequently used abbreviation Z4H protocol is a set of a daily routine of eating, physical and mental exercising, and energetic work.  Regime in it’s full form is strict and takes nearly all day activity. WHY Z4? Z4 is…