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Revive your body in Revive Temple Bled


Our body is vehicle that we have for entire life, so we better take good care of it.  Invest your time and effort in maintenance of it or else you will suffer consequences for many years.  By not being healthy, you are unable to live your life to the full extent.  Our programs have physical…

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Revive your Mind in Revive Temple Bled


Everything we do gets processed and filtered in our minds.  Be that consciously or unconsciously, and how we perceive life is critical to make proper choices and conclusions.  Here in Revive Temple Bled we help you to understand the process and treat both your conscious and unconscious mind through use of mental techniques, NLP, Hypnosis…

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Revive your Soul in Revive Temple Bled


They say you don’t have a soul, but you are soul which operates the body, and that is true in many aspects. Through different therapies and treatments patients realize, that full mental and physical health can only occur when your soul and spirit is at peace and properly aligned.  You will experience and learn ways…

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Relationships shape and lead a path that we walk on, and help us identify who we are.  Nowadays people realize, how keen is to be among right people.  It’s even more important that we define relations, and set the level that inspire and ignite us, to become what we secretly wish. Programs in Revive Temple…

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Nicholas Gonzalez MD

EMF Radiation damaging our bodies

Society is slowly getting aware of exponential growth in electromagnetic radiation, that is surrounding us, and it’s negative effects it has on our bodies.  Technical radiation (meaning all sorts of radiation caused by man) has exploded in last 20 years.  With invention of wireless technologies, nearly all communication is done and transferred over the air. …

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Natural healing retreat in Bled, Slovenia
Revive YourSelf
Revive YourSelf is feeling motivated with Martyna Fon Zvegelj at Kompleks Adgar.4 days ago
Learning is fun 🙂 Being able to work with bio-energy, will make you more vibrant and healthy, and you will be able heal others from simple issues to complex illnesses.
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Revive YourSelf3 weeks ago
See how you can stay vital with proper nutrition.
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Dr. Ellsworth Wareham - 98 years old vegan
Interview of Massimo Leopardi for Veggie Channel web-tv. Vegan since his 50s, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a famous cardiothoracic surgeon who retired at the age...
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Revive YourSelf4 weeks ago
See 3rd episode: The Truth About Vaccines.

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