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What can Revive Temple do for me?

Revive Temple is center of well being, located in beautiful town of Bled in Slovenia, surrounded by Alps, that gives it freshness, comfortable climate and lots of wonderful nature.  Unique setting will only begin your journey into rediscovering and reconneting to your life.  We say it:  You will “REVIVE YOURSELF“.  The founder and main protagonist of Revive Temple is Denis Zvegelj, who developed Z4 Protocol, which became a core modality for wide spectrum of healing modalities.

Denis Zvegelj

As an Olympic medalist, successful entrepreneur, and high performer through out his life, he developed the method for getting into the life you dreamed about. Denis defines himself as a Guide for life, and you will experience exactly that. A coach being by your side showing you, how your life can improve and walking through this transformation with You.


Awaken your Body

Z4 Protocol

Z4 Protocol is a unique healing modality which takes multilevel approach to reset bodie’s natural ability to self heal and feel strong.  It consists of proper nutrition, physical and mental exercises, bioenergy work, and cold exposure.



How can Z4 help me?

Explore our website to find more info about this amazing Z4 Protocol, which is most frequently used in one of our Retreat programs that run in a weekly basis (Mon-Mon), and offers complete transformation in terms of physical body state, mental state and mindset, energetic balance and revived immune system.

We simply see it as:


Z4 is always adds More LIFE

Revive Temple Bled will set you back on right track.  Ready to start living again?

Nicholas Gonzalez MD

EMF Radiation damaging our bodies

Society is slowly getting aware of exponential growth in electromagnetic radiation, that is surrounding us, and it’s negative effects it has on our bodies.  Technical radiation (meaning all sorts of radiation caused by man) has exploded in last 20 years.  With invention of wireless technologies, nearly all communication is done and transferred over the air. …

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Revive Temple

  • Weekly Z4 programs
  • Bioenergy treatments
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Remote Healing

Revive YourSelf

Natural healing retreat in Bled, Slovenia
Revive YourSelf
Revive YourSelf
Listen this very balanced interview with David Icke, to give you some perspective
Revive YourSelf
Revive YourSelf
Find peace of mind and minimize further infections by making energetic test for Covid-19
Revive YourSelf
Revive YourSelf
If you are shy, dance at home!