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We perform remote healing with Bioenergy Therapy method. We use biotherapy according to Zdenko Domancic method of Bioenergy Healing. It’s done with the help of the photograph. The patient is aware of therapy and is resting while therapy lasts.  Remote healing session normally lasts from 8-24min depends on the patient and severity of the medical…


Z4 Protocol

WHAT is Z4H, Z4L or just Z4 protocol so many people are talking about? Z4 or most frequently used abbreviation Z4H protocol is a set of a daily routine of eating, physical and mental exercising, and energetic work.  Regime in it’s full form is strict and takes nearly all day activity. WHY Z4? Z4 is…



Hypnotherapy is internationally recognized and very successful method for treating many psychological troubles, for overcoming personal struggles and breaking free from addictions. Most people got first experience with hypnosis, by some stage hypnosis show, but that is the entertainment part. Therapeutically is generally is most widely used for stop-smoking and efficient weight-loss. It’s true power…



Biotherapy or healing with bioenergy is a very successful method when dealing with most of chronic diseases, cancer treatments and inflammations of all sorts.  We also  have lots of patients that with acute injuries, after medical treatments, and biotherapy considerably shortens rehabilitation time, as it speed sup regeneration of tissue. Patients with “burn-out” syndrome, over…


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TKM Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest ways of healing, and beginnings dates back more than 4000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine define illness as imbalance between to sides of unity, which they call Yin that stands for feminine (woman) principle and Yang whis stands for masculine (man) principle. Black and White in very…