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Bioenergy Healing Seminar L2 Bled


Learn how to help people with healing nearly any diseaseDomancic method is one of the most successful energetic healing methods, very well structured, and detailed for almost every medical condition.  Level 2 expands on the knowledge you received in Level 1.  It will teach you how to do remote healing.  This Course is meant for therapists, that would like to do healing professionally.  Through four days of seminar you will learn how to handle group dynamics, just as we do group healing in the clinic here.  With handling groups properly, your efficiency of healing will improve, and you will be able to handle much larger quant of energy.  There will be an initiation, before the end of the course, which will synchronize your healing frequency with the Master Zdenko Domančić and other therapists of this method.  This initiation will greatly improve strength of your bio-field and healing potential. Once you learn it and affirm it with some practice, you will have this gift your entire lifeDomancic method is powerful, relatively easy to learn, and in level 2 course you will learn remote healing and procedures needed for work as a professional therapist of Zdenko Domančić method.