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Learn how to help people with healing nearly any diseaseDomancic method is one of the most successful energetic healing methods, very well structured, and detailed for almost every medical condition.  Level 2 expands on the knowledge you received in Level 1.  It will teach you how to do remote healing.  This Course is meant for therapists, that would like to do healing professionally.  Through four days of seminar you will learn how to handle group dynamics, just as we do group healing in the clinic here.  With handling groups properly, your efficiency of healing will improve, and you will be able to handle much larger quant of energy.  There will be an initiation, before the end of the course, which will synchronize your healing frequency with the Master Zdenko Domančić and other therapists of this method.  This initiation will greatly improve strength of your bio-field and healing potential. Once you learn it and affirm it with some practice, you will have this gift your entire lifeDomancic method is powerful, relatively easy to learn, and in level 2 course you will learn remote healing and procedures needed for work as a professional therapist of Zdenko Domančić method.

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Zdenko Domancic method of Bioenergy Therapy Seminar level 2

is your next step of becoming a successful healer.   Level 2 course expands on the knowledge acquired in level 1, mainly to the field of remote healing and healing group dynamics.  There are plenty of subjects needed to be covered above main to points.  On top of theory, practice and therapy observation you will have more time for Q&A sessions with master, so you will be able to clear your doubts, your deeper questions, and other healing dilemmas.  One of the key elements of Level 2 course is initiation performed by Zdenko Domančić, which will rise your vibration to the level of master and professional therapists of Zdenko Domancic method.  Your energy potential will thus increase significantly, and your therapies will be more efficient.

Zdenko Domančić short biography:

Zdenko Domančić a founder of this method Bioenergy Healing Therapy, has been practicing and teaching this method for more than 35 years.  He is a pioneer in bioenegy healing in this region of ex Yugoslavia and Balkans.  Today Domancic method is far reaching and is being used on all continents by thousands of therapists.  Results are many times so unbelievable, that most people have to come see and experience it first hand to be able to put some trust into it.  Domancic Method has very clear structure with it’s unique combination of techniques for nearly every disease and has been tested on more than 1.5 million patients, just by Zdenko Domančić and his crew in his clinics.  Zdenko was born in Croatia on island of Ugljan, which was also his starting point of healing, when he notices his “god” given gift and talent to help people heal.  Through years of healing and traveling around the world, meeting similarly gifted and minded people, he develop his healing style into very practical techniques.  He quickly gained popularity in then still Yugoslavia and his birth place, island Ugljan, became flooded with patients from entire country first, than neighboring countries, and more and more.  Stories of “miraculous” healing of incurable diseases spread, from mouth to mouth so quickly that he couldn’t keep up with demand.  At one stage he had more than 60 healers in his team and small village around his house was crowded with several thousand people, every day.  It was nothing short of the biblical stories we can read or hear about nowadays.  He was and still is also a philanthropist, visionary and very big freedom advocate.  Thus was never liked by government, church, medical community, or any association or secret society, which tried to take him under their wing at first, only to get the knowledge and use it later them self and strongly monetize it.  Zdenko’s simple logic in his sophisticated brain is that, this method has been given to him by god, and his life mission is to spread it so that it will eventually be part of any family skill set.  Zdenko Domančić did not ever charge for healing in his entire life, because he believes, that successful healer gets awarded plenty without ever asking for money.  This principle is also very strictly thought in the all seminars, and excepted to be followed by every healer using this method of Bioenergy healing.

Format of Seminar:

Seminar is taught in four consecutive days, which go form 9h in the morning to 21h (9pm) in the evening.  It is quite intense, but with the purpose that you learn and sustain this learning via practice after you return home.  You are expected to have completed level 1 course and that you have some experience with performing therapies on your friends and family.  Seminar is divided into 3 parts of different experience.  1st part is presence at therapies which also take place during same days as seminar, so you learn and see live patients, and their transformations.  2nd part is theory where Level 2 will teach all that you need to know, to be able to run your own healing clinic.  3rd part is supervised practice, where you will try therapies and remote healing on your fellow participants, until we are comfortable you can reliably to them at home.  We will teach you all aspects of running group therapies using Biotherapy Healing according Zdenko Domančić method.  Your knowledge about therapies for each individual illness will be expanded to some extra in information about symptoms, different manifestations and client behavior.  We put more focus on mental hygiene of therapists, so you will get info how to orient your self, to be successful healer.   Nowadays Domancic method of healing is part of complimentary medicine, which means that none of the therapist will ever interfere with school’s medicine prescribed medication or treatment, neither will be diagnosing patients, or suggesting any medications or procedures.  So for you as future therapist, you will be expected to get medical diagnose from patient, and then proceed with predefined therapy for this particular medical issue.  Bioenergy Therapy according to Zdenko Domancic has no side effects, is not invasive, it’s practically impossible to do harm to patient, and it’s safe for your Aura and energetic balance regardless of how strong illness of the patient.   You will be expected to do more therapies after the course and perform group sessions, so you gather experience.  In order to be qualified as professional therapist of Zdenko Domancic method of Bioenergy Therapy you will need to go to level 3 which is an practical and theoretical exam performed in clinic in Bled.

What is included:

The price only includes the seminar cost.  You will have to reserve hotel, book your flights, and transport from airport to Bled.  When staying with the group in hotel, you have half board so you have breakfast included and you can choose between lunch and dinner every day.  Lecture hours are adopted with hotel’s timings for meals, so you don’t need to worry about it.  Participants staying in different hotels, are charged €36 at the hotel’s reception for usage of the seminar hall.  Get more info at Domancic Method dedicated website

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10-13.Nov.2022-Online, 23-25.Jun.2023 Warsaw


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