Z4L Couple Retreat 14-21.Dec.2024 Bali


Join us to this unique and interesting couples retreat, probably best on the market.  You will get to experience our own Z4L Protocol, first hand and intense relationship work through out the entire day for 7 days.  Nearly every minute is dedicated to revive your relationship, and get you on the right track.  Despite all other activities your mind will be busy working out your relationship, so by the end of the week you will experience true love, stronger than ever before. Your body and mind will go through amazing transformation in one week on top of your relationship.  With our intense daily routine and support from the group and leader, you will be able to start reviving your relationship very quickly.  It will take an effort on your part, but we will be there for you, to guide you through.  Our healing clinic is a beautiful setting in magical Bled of Slovenia, where you’ll be in contact with nature.  Our nutrition program will fill your body with nutrients, so you will regain strength within few days.  Physical and mental exercises will get your body start recovering.  Cold expose will reboot your immune system, and Bioenergy healing will get your body into intense healing.

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Join us on this relationship retreat journey,

to experience and learn how to reignite your initial spark, and reconnect to your primal relationship bond.  It is fun, unique, roller coaster that you will experience with your partner in 7 days, going from comfort of love, down to rock bottom, and high in the sky into realms of true love.  By the last day you will have a very good idea where is your sweet spot, and where you will take your revived relationship next.  Retreat is nothing like you can experience on the market as we push you through this Z4L protocol, which will cleanse and detox your body, make it vibrant, challenge your perspectives and circulate energy.  Program is designed so that you physically drain unwanted emotions, and work through patterned that stopping you relationship to excel. With clean, live diet, your body will rise you vibration and even lose ability to fallback to lower level (negative) emotions.  Physical and mental exercise will help your body to balance it’s internal organs, and connect to each other.  Special breathing exercises will help you go through traumas of the past and struggles of relationship.  Cold exposure, will refresh you, invigorated you, and bond you for life with our alternative approach to the matter.  All those routine training is just a side step, that will build a strong fundamental of your healthy body and relationship.  Through entire time we will lecture you, discuss with you as a group, individually and as a couple, to identify your struggles and assist you make a step further. It is unique chance to experience Z4L protocol first hand and be guided by it’s founders Denis Zvegelj and his wife Martyna Fon Zvegelj.  Denis spent more than 20 years to develop this body-mind Z4L protocol to be most powerful natural method on the market.  On top of Z4 protocol Martyna and Denis developed method to non-destructively dismantle relationship and reassemble piece by piece so it become “bullet-proof” stable, bound to evolve, and ever exciting.  They all take individual approach to Masculine and Feminine aspects of partners, to ignite passion and bond, which would help partners overcome many struggles in the future.  Entire program, although intense and strict is based on fun and relaxation, so you will be filled with so much love, that you may feel overwhelmed at times.  Worry not, we have a way to make it exciting, little daring, and edgy.  It will be “time of your life” as many previous participants describe it.

You will be asked

to make a strong commitment on day one for minimum 7 days, but will happily extend it long in the future, by the time Sunday comes.  Other couples in the group will be your support, at the same time as new friends.  You will take home lots of extra new knowledge, about your self, each other, and relationships in general.  The price you pay does include your stay, full nutrition program, all protocol assistance, guiding, lectures, individual consultation after sign-up, and on arrival, individual session to overcome relationship struggle, Q&A sessions and group support how-to lecture.  Bioenergy healing therapy performed by our healers (4 day session) is based on voluntary donations, and is not included in total price.

Price is based per person including all taxes, on stay in one 2 person unit.  Extra child stays for free in existing accommodation, but we recommend coming just as a couple if at all possible, so you can have full focus working on YOU 2.


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