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Revive Temple Bled

Revive Temple Bled

was formed to be one place stop to put your life back on a right track.  That is not always easy and in many cases takes very unique approach for each patient.
We provide service with our qualified experts for physical and mental fitness, for you to start a new path to health and happiness, reclaim your life, and start living to the fullest.
We prefer to use as natural methods as possible, and try to take advantage of what we already have.

Where is the Temple?

You are the temple.  We call our bodies the Temple, and thus name Revive Temple – Revive your body-your vehicle so you can “drive” through life enjoyably.  There is so much we can do to really start living, even when you think you are perfectly happy, we will get you to the next level of living.  It’s our core mission.

How about location?

We enjoy beautiful environment around us, so we happily use it also for treatments.  It is likely you will be blessed with seeing or visiting some hidden corners of gorgeous Bled and it’s surroundings.  Be that even within therapy or sometimes after treatment.

Get in touch

Upon your contact and diagnosis we propose to you, type of treatment, that normally ranges from Z4H Healing program, Bioenergy therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Consultations, Hypnotherapy, Z4L Retreat, Dietary program or combinations of those.

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Most Frequent Therapies

Z4H Protocol
Couples Therapy
Trad Chinese Medicine
Dietary Consultation
Soul and Spiritual Healing
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