Take this unique Journey to ancient valley of Bosnian pyramids

This is 5 day transformation journey, on which we will take you to the Bosnian Pyramids.  Guided tour onto pyramid of the Sun and Ravne underground tunnels, by it’s discoverer and main archeologist dr. Semir Osmanagić, will be only the beginning of the excursion.  Each pyramid emits strong energy in different spectrum.  We will take time to explore some history facts and legends, but our main mission is to experience energetic aspects of pyramids

1st stop will be the pyramid of love, to tune our energetic bodies into cosmic love and acceptance of the upcoming bliss.  We will have guided group meditation and unwanted energies cleaning protocols, to clean our auras.  After group dinner we will discuss our experience and goals for upcoming days.

2nd day in the morning we will go on the guided tour to Ravne Tunnels by dr. Semir Osmanagić, where you will quickly experience intense underground healing energies in meditation chambers.  Afternoon will be spend in the Ravne natural park where will be some festivities, and getting ready for the spring equinox.  We will observe the sunset from the Pyramid of the Moon, where we will have later joined dinner, and later at night a smaller bonfire.  Along with bonfire we will perform healing and releasing ceremony, that will lasted several hours.  The night will be spend on the pyramid, as well as joined breakfast.

3rd day we will visit pyramid of the sun, where we will spend the whole day after guided tour at the base of site, we will climb to the top, where we will do energetic work, group meditation and opening body channels for the sun pyramids energy vortexes.  After lunch just under, we will return to the top.  We will continue with sun embracing exercises, to replenish our bodies with strong energies.

4th day we will return to Ravne tunnels for 2 group healing sessions.  It will be intense exposure to strong underground high vibration healing energies.  Later in a day we will go visit the Dragon Pyramid, where we will initiate our internal protection power.  Group dinner and evening Q&A session, discussion and some individual sessions, will be last nights highlight.

5th day in the morning we will go for the final healing session into Ravne tunnels, and after wrap our journey, and return home.


Who should attend:

Individuals and couples or friends that find interest in power of this earth and ancient civilizations and their technology.  Journey is also spiritual and energetic transformation, apart from excursion.  So we expect that you are open to explore your inner landscape, and enjoy like minded people in the group.  Participants with medical conditions, must be capable to perform some walking, and seating meditating, and be a little flexible about comfort and food.  We prefer Vegan food, so meals will be organized in a way that will be as close as possible to plant based food only.

What’s included:

This journey is all included type.  We organize free transport from Bled, Slovenia, but can also pick you up in Sarajevo Airport BiH.  Accommodation where breakfast is self served, lunch and dinner we eat out and is all included.  Entrance fee to Ravne tunnels with guiding and tour guide on Sun Pyramid, Dragon Pyramid, Pyramid of LOVE and dinner, breakfast, stay and ceremony on the Moon Pyramid is also included.  Any activities outside the group or expenses are not included.  We prefer Vegan diet, so we organize in the way, that can be as close to plant based as possible, regarding circumstances.

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    Bosnian Pyramids for Spring Equinox Festivities


    Visoko, Bosnia and Hercegovina


    19-23. Sep. 2019


    Price per 5 day trip with stay, meals, entrance fees, transport from SLO

    €666 per person


    Everyone that enjoys ancient civilizations and their connection with nature and universe, and is open for energy work.  Journey is primarily to experience higher vibration energies, and work out some of our blockages.  Physical illnesses can be, healed or significantly improved, but this trip is not meant for strict healing.  You may expect it as a side effect.

    Energy strength in Bovis:

    Ravne tunnel power stone 40 000
    Mt. Kaliash Tibet 50 000
    Lemurians 24 000
    Ascended masters, Orbs 23 000
    Tibetan Temple 14 000
    Stonehenge 12 000
    Person in Good Health 10 000
    Tired person 6 000
    Microwave owen 5 000
    Cell Phone Radiation 3 000
    Nuclear, HAARP 2 000
    Cancer 1 000


    Denis and Martyna

    Denis and Martyna Z4L Teachers

    Teachers and Healers

    Megalith in Ravne

    Ravne tunnel megalith

    Stone Sphere

    Stone sphere in Archeological park of Ravne

    Megalith undug

    Undug megalith in ravne tunnel
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