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Z4A Alzheimer Healing Retreat Standard 20-27.May.2024

Original price was: €4,554.00.Current price is: €3,555.00.

Join us to this unique and most intense healing program on the market.  You will get to experience our own Z4H Protocol, first hand and understand for you self why is most effective program there is.  Your body and mind will go through amazing transformation in one week.  With our rigorous daily regime and support from the group and leader, you will be able to start reversing your illness very quickly.  It will take an effort on your part, but we will be there for you, to guide you through.  Our healing clinic is a beautiful setting in magical lake Bled of Slovenia, where you’ll be in contact with nature.  Our nutrition program will fill your body with nutrients, so you will regain strength within few days.  Physical and mental exercises will get your body start recovering.  Cold exposure will reboot your immune system, and Bioenergy healing will get your body into intense healing.